Profile Search

Profile Search

Here you can search the "I-AM"
number from someone you are looking for.

Just type in the number
without "I-AM"

Profile Search

just type in the number (LIKE: A111)


After you find the searched Profile,
you have to SIGN IN to se all details.

Social Links and Fields

Social Links and Fields

We have set up over 20 of the most important social links for your profile.
You can link them with a direct link to your respective profile. If you’re missing one, let us know and we’ll set it up for you.


You will also find a personal QR code in your profile, which you can transfer to your business card.

Here is an overview of the other profile fields:

Of course, not all fields have to be filled out. It is up to you what information you show to your visitors.

Give Me Another Number !

Give Me Another Number !

Sure – you can choose another number,
much more nice and easy to remember!

1. Recommend a friend to join our system,
just send email with that name from your friend,
and tell us your old and and new number what you like.

2. Choose one out of those following numbers here,
buy us a coffee with 1 USD
and edit that optional coffee field with your old and new desired number.

This is then valid for 1 year and can be extended after expiration.

A111 = used A200 = used A222 = used A333 A444
A555 A666 A777 A888 A999
A202 A303 A404 A505 A606
A707 A808 A909 A300 A400
A500 A600 A700 A800 A900
How It Works

How It Works


By registering, you confirm that you accept and comply with our rules and conditions.

After registration you will receive a confirmation email with an activation code, with which your account will be activated. After this you can log in and complete your profile.

However, it is up to you which data you enter and release for inspection. It will primarily be all your social media addresses. You can of course add your name, birthday, hobbies, etc. as an addition.

For each profile field you can decide whether it is public for everyone, only for friends or only for yourself.

Your I-AM number, with which you can be found, will also appear at the top next to the profile photo. A profile search by name or other characteristics is excluded.

Changing your I-AM number:

Have fun and good luck!
Your team from

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I can´t search for a name, a gender or city?

We do not offer a dating service or anything like that!

For registered users, we offer the possibility to save all relevant social accounts and other important information, whether for private or business use, which can then be called up for everyone using the QR code or the “I-AM” ID.

How to print the Name Card?

Just send us an email for help to print your name card,
we do that for you,

we work on a nice solution – we are sorry in this moment,

more is coming soon.

How to generate my Name Card?

its very easy,
just go to your own menu,
look for “MORE”
there is one Link “NAME CARD”
just click it

How to fill up all my Social Contacs

  • Go to your profile picture (very right at the top)

  • choose and click “widgets setting”
  • in the new window choose and click “Social Networks”
  • you will see a list with all Social Contacs,
  • just fill up your own link
  • click “save changes”

How to close my account?

We are very sorry that you want to leave us!

Send us a short email, we will do that for you.
Because we have to look where can place all your comments.
Mostly no problem – all will be deleted.

My Name Card is “empty”


fill up all fields:

Name, IAM (number), profession, email and phone


How to register?

When you register to our site, you need to fill up only:
Name, email and password.

All other fields are voluntary and can be done later.

You will receive an email with an activation code, please return it to set your account free.
Please check also your spam folder, sometimes that email will to there.
(like for public systems – freenet, gmail, web and so on)

Give Your Name a Number?

Give Your Name a Number?

There are several reasons why a separate ID number for a business card may be useful:

  1. Separation of personal and professional identity: Having a separate ID number for business purposes allows individuals to keep their personal and professional identities separate.
  2. Improved security: A separate ID number for business cards can provide an additional layer of security against identity fraud.
  3. Better organization: A separate ID number for business cards can make it easier for individuals to keep track of their professional contacts and activities.
  4. Compliance with regulations: Some industries may require a separate ID number for business cards in order to comply with regulations or industry standards.
  5. Ease of use: A separate ID number for business cards can make it easier for individuals to share their professional contact information with others.